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Jersey Cu-Ni 1877 Pattern

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Hire is a very interesting example of a Jersey's Pattern coin. The coin was made from Cu-Ni alloy, regular coins are made from bronze. The regural 1877 mintage produced at the Heaton Mint. This pattern was printed at the Royal Mint (no letter H) and it was an experiment with the more common for other British coins alloy. Anyway only two such coins exist.

1). Spink, Ford sale (1990), Lot 298. Proof BU. Ex Glendinings, 5 July 1972, Lot 390

2). Spink, Remick sale (2006), Lot 765.

3). Baldwin, Auc 86 (Arielle, 2014), Lot 127, Sold 2 200 GBP. CHANNEL ISLANDS, JERSEY Victoria (1837-1901), Cupro-nickel Trial Proof 1/12-Shilling, 1877, on a normal thickness flan, 9.15g (Pr 12D; S 7006; KM 8). Uncirculated. The existence of these two trials (see also next lot), in this cataloguer’s eyes, strongly support the argument that the Royal Mint struck the non H mintmark 1877 coinage. They had experience with all the 1868 cupro-nickel British coins. The finish of these pieces is superior to any of the 1869 Jamaica proofs seen, so the argument goes back to a Royal Mint issue. There is strong evidence in the obverse letters of a double striking that the next piece does not have, giving this coin the proof look which is somewhat subdued in the next piece.

4). Sovereign Rarities, Auction 2 (24.09.2019), Lot 354. Jersey, Victoria (1837-1901), Pattern One Twelfth of a Shilling, 1877, struck in cupro-nickel at the Royal Mint, coronetted head left with oak leaf decoration, seven pointed star below, legend and toothed border surrounding, VICTORIA D. G. BRITANNIAR: REGINA F.D., rev. struck en medaille, Arms of Jersey, date either side, legend and toothed border surrounding, STATES OF JERSEY in upper section, ONE TWELFTH OF A SHILLING in lower section, weight 9.15g (Pridmore 12D; S.7006). Brilliant, evidence of double striking of obverse, practically as struck, of the highest rarity, only two pieces purported to be known. Hammer Price: £2,600
Ex R. J. Ford Collection, part one, Spink Coin Auction 79, 15th October 1990, lot 298.
Ex A. L. T. McCammon Collection of Channel Islands, A. H. Baldwin, Auction 20, 11th October 1997, lot 199.
Ex Arielle Collection, A. H. Baldwin, Auction 86, 6th May 2014, lot 127.

Posted : December 23, 2021 1:27 pm
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There is another example with the thick flan

Posted : December 23, 2021 1:28 pm
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Dear friends,

I am not familiar with pattern coinage but here is a picture of a very rare Jersey KM-9; Prid.40 Bronze 1/24 Shilling 1909 NGC PF62 RB Satin. Possibly unique in Proof. Also Satin coins are very rare. There are only few India Edward VII proofs which are graded as Satin.

Posted : December 23, 2021 7:25 pm